Claim that reusing masks for COVID can cause Legionnaires’ disease is FALSE

Claim that reusing masks for COVID can cause Legionnaires’ disease is FALSE

Worldwide Social Media posts and websites are warning that people are at risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease through using face masks. This is false.

People worldwide are now questioning whether in fact Legionnaires’ disease can be caught from a mask that has been reused. This is false.

Here are some Facts regarding Legionnaires’ Disease:

  • Legionnaires’ Disease is a lung infection.
  • It does not spread from person-to-person nor do the bacteria survive on dry surfaces.
  • Legionella bacteria is transmitted by aspirating drinking water or breathing in water droplets
  • Legionella bacteria does not  survive on dry surfaces.


Managing Director of Legionella and Fire Safe Services, Steve Morris said “Widely shared social media posts are claiming that face masks can give you Legionnaires’ disease – and it is important to stress that this is not true. Legionella is found in the environment and is not transmitted from person to person or by re-breathing one’s own respiratory secretions,” Your mask would not be a source of transmission for the Legionella bacteria,” and goes onto say ” The masks should however be washed regularly for hygiene purposes and worn as per the Government instructions”


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