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Fire door installation & maintenance

Fire door installation & maintenance should be taken very seriously. Fire doors that are incorrectly installed, fitted or not maintained can lead to serious safety risks. This will mean both the occupants and general building will not have adequate protection if there is a fire.

The installation of fire doors should only be done by a experienced expert. We have a fully trained team that have experience in fire door installation & maintenance. 

It is crucial for the safety of your building and most importantly occupants of your building that you contact professionals for fire door installation & maintenance. 

Why choose us for Fire door installation & maintenance

We are industry leaders when it comes to both fire door installation & maintenance alongside general fire safety.

We have a dedicated team who are specifically trained in fire door installation & maintenance. 

At Legionella & Fire Safe Services we offer a UK wide services and have a call centre that is in operation 24/7.

We are currently ensuring all staff are tested weekly for Covid-19 and anyone who will enter your building will have a confirmed negative test before doing so. 

We are experts in fire safety alongside our fire door installation & maintenance we offer a full range of fire safety services. This include but are not limited to; Fire Cavity Barrier Installation, Fire Curtains Installation & Fire Stopping Installation

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