Legionella Bacteria Found in Stafford Hospital Water Supply

Legionella bacteria found in Stafford hospital water supply

Legionella bacteria found in Stafford hospital water supply. Action has been taken after legionella bacteria was found in water supplies at a hospital in Stafford.

Hospital bosses have confirmed a species of legionella bacteria has been found in St George’s Hospital water supplies, but said it is not at a harmful level and no one has contracted Legionnaires’ disease.


A single positive isn’t something that can be completely ignored, especially it’s from an outlet that hasn’t been used recently. Legionella likes to cling to stagnant water and a tap that hasn’t been used in a few days might just be inviting enough to encourage the bacteria to grow.

Thoroughly flushing and resampling the outlet could be enough to get a clear result, but if the outlet is going to be unused for a while, a flushing regime will need to be implemented.

High-level reading – The immediate action is to take the affected outlets out of use and plan in corrective cleaning and disinfection, whether local to the outlet or across the whole system as necessary. A further sample should be taken following the completion of any corrective measures and the outlet can be put back into use following a second clear result.

A Legionella positive can be a difficult thing to handle and if not tackled appropriately, it can lead to some dire consequences. We heartily recommend speaking to your Legionella control provider or a water safety professional if you’re unsure on anything.

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