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Our certification scheme means our customers can be sure that every single passive fire protection element we install is individually recorded. All our installations are third-party accredited by BM Trada.

Each element has its own code and the site is photographed before and after the fire protection systems are installed and given to building owners and managers in an installation report, forming a key aspect of the operations and maintenance (O&M) manual on handover.

The certification process gives our clients assurance and peace of mind that every element of every passive fire protection system we install complies with building and fire regulations BS9999 & Approved Document B.

Fire Protection Assessment

The starting point for our certified passive fire protection service is to carry out a free fire protection survey of your property.

This will be carried out by a qualified and experienced Fire Safe protection specialist, resulting in a fire protection solution that is bespoke and situation-specific for your property and complies with the building’s fire strategy.

The Fire Safe protection assessment will ensure the fire stopping solutions we install be fully compliant with your building regulations and the level of fire protection you need.

Passive fire protection company


Our fire curtain installation service will slow the spread of fire and smoke through unguarded hidden spaces such as shared roof voids. In older buildings, partition walls often stop at ceiling height, leaving such roof voids exposed, often with no fire protection. Fire Safe risk assessors will identity these fire risks, requiring them to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

The best fire stopping solution may be to install fire curtains to sub-divide a roof space and offer more manageable compartmentalisation. This creates an effective barrier against both fire and smoke penetration.

Fire curtains can also be installed across partition walls to increase the safety of escape routes. Once in place, they can give emergency services more time to enter a building and building occupants more time to leave it.

Selecting the best fire and smoke barriers for your building. If you have concerns about fire safety in your property, or you need passive fire protection systems installed following a fire risk assessment (FRA) please call us today.

We offer a range of fire safety services alongside fire curtain installation such as Fire Risk AssessmentsFire Door InstallationFire Cavity Barrier Installation & Fire Stopping Installation


Fire and smoke can spread through any void in walls, floors and ceilings. The response is to install suitable fire rated materials to close the penetrations within the substrate. This will contain fire and smoke within previously identified compartments.

Penetrations and voids are often created by mechanical and electrical services. Our accredited, passive Fire Safe protection team will use only the best fire penetration sealing systems for your particular property.


Compartmentation prevents fire from spreading through cavities and penetrations within the structure of your building.

Linear Joint Sealing

Linear joints between construction components, such as walls and floors, are often found within buildings can be sealed for integrity & insulation.

Cavity Barriers

Barriers used to close concealed spaces and prevent penetration of smoke or flame to restrict the movement of fire within a building.

Air Transfer Grilles

Air movement in a building is important but wherever air moves, fire and smoke can travel to so fire dampers should be fitted.

Ablative Coated Batts

A specialist fire resistant insulation material designed to close voids around service penetrations in walls, ceilings and floor slabs, preventing fire and smoke from spreading throughout a property.

Intumescent Mastic Sealants

Used in conjunction with other fire stopping systems or by themselves and applied to apertures created by service penetrations.

Firestop Collars

Specialist devices designed to be fitted around combustible services passing through a compartment wall or floor slab. They work by closing off the service if there is a fire by compressing and backfilling the pipe

Intumescent Pipe Wraps

Like fire collars, these are designed to close services if there is a fire. However, pipe wraps offer broader parameters of use. They can be used on more hard-to-reach services without having to be mechanically fixed to the service, like collars.

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