For close to 30 years we have taken great pride in working with many companies within both the public and private sector. We have a huge amount of experience and knowledge which allows us to get the job done quickly and with the least amount of disruption. We also understand that getting back to work fast is paramount and all our services are backed by our assurance that you will be given the best service.

Below is a list of some the sectors we have happily served and kept safe and working. If you run any type of company that requires Legionella and Fire Safe Services please don’t hesitate to either give us a call on 0800 080 3045 or get in touch via our contact page.

Housing Associations

Our teams work with Housing Associations, including councils and private landlords across the UK delivering Legionella services. They know they have a duty of care to their tenants, some of whom will be vulnerable or sick, so need the highest standard of protection from harmful bacteria like Legionella.


Schools and Colleges take legionella compliance very seriously given the concerns parents have for the safety of their children. Their buildings can also have highly complex water systems. This is because of the way education buildings are developed over time, the intensity of their use, and the educational use of water systems, such as in science blocks.

Local Authorities

Local councils manage a myriad of buildings, from schools and colleges, to help centres, offices and leisure complexes. Their duty of care to the public is of paramount concern. We help local authorities across the UK fully comply with legionella legislation, within framework agreements where applicable, to set standards they expect other organisations to follow.

Care Homes

We work with individual care homes and care home groups to ensure they are always one hundred per cent Legionella Safe. Care homes look after our most vulnerable citizens which is why wee work both sensitively and appropriately in care home environments. Our technicians are trained to respect the dignity of all individuals.

Healthcare - Dentists

Healthcare facilities, including dental practices, have some of the most high-risk environments for legionella bacteria. They have highly intensive and complex water and heating systems. They are also visited by potentially highly-vulnerable people. We work with healthcare organisations, both private and public, to ensure full compliance.

Sports Stadia

Sports facilities, including arenas and stadia, have a duty of care to tens of thousands of people who go through their doors in a year. A risk with these facilities is the potential for water systems to not be used for relatively long periods of time. We work with sports management organisations to effectively minimise legionella risks and meet statutory requirements.


Food outlets, especially, from small cafes to large supermarkets, have water systems that need careful legionella risk assessment, monitoring and control. We work with all types of retailers, and their FM providers, to deliver expert Legionella ƒSafe advice and services.


Factories and other industrial premises often use water in production processes. In many cases, huge volumes of water vapour and condensation can be generated. This points to specific legionella risks which we counter with our expert advice and services by highly trained staff.

Facilities Management

We support facilities management companies in their work as they professionally manage often complex portfolios of properties, from the oldest to the most modern. Developing robust programmes for Legionella Safe monitoring and water sampling are key, as is the need to be fast to respond to the needs of end-use clients.

Domestic Properties

Domestic properties can cause legionella risks as well as commercial ones. We offer a full suite of Legionella Safe services to residential customers, as well as estate agents and landlords, delivering assurance at key moments in a property’s history, for example during the purchase process or at the point of a new rental.

Hotels & Accommodation

From large hotel chains, to budget hotels, guest houses and luxurious holiday resorts the hotel and accommodation sector have a huge need for expert Legionella and Fire Safe Services, We have a proven track record supplying this sector and can offer advice and support all year round.

Hospitality & Leisure

From spa facilities to swimming pools and indoor water features and leisure centres have very specific reasons to take legionella control very seriously. We deliver a full range of legionella compliance services so the facilities managers of these high-risk properties are confidence they are always getting the best advice.

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